Jack Tars to fight the pirates

As you have seen I’ve been busy with the pirate crews. But those are not the only figures in the Blue Moon range. They have a set of navy sailors as well – the Jack Tars. Sometime the British sailors were known as Royal Tars as well, but as these figures can be other nations so the former names is better. Below you can see the full set of the Blue moon naval figs bag painted up.Navy Tars in a massThe set came with 6 ‘officer/commanders’ figures. There are two sets of the three repeated poses, so I took the opportunity to paint one lot up in  typical British blue coat and the other in a Dutch/Spanish green coat. That should give some options when using these on the table. naval officers frontnaval officers backThe sailors themselves are all in white – which was typical for the time. Some sailors used striped pants/trousers for their short outfits, but to make these clear on the tabletop I decided to use all white. Some of the figures do have jackets or neckties though and I used a typical British sailor blue for that. jack tar 1 jack tar 1 back The blue jackets may well have been worn by other nations sailors as well, as there was little regulation for sailors uniforms in any nations in the 18th cent. Regular seamen had no set uniforms during the hay day of pirates and really well after that. Some captains would  provide the crew matching outfits,and the in some crews the men themselves would often create their own sort of uniform to help them look smart when ashore. Jack tars in jackets Jack tars in jackets backI tried to make these white without looking too shiny and bright – as I doubt anyone would have had perfect colours white at the time. The photo’s show that to an extent but I don’t think they came out that well. The British navy (and really all sensible/knowledgeable captains and crew) were concerned about cleanliness of ships and men, so they would have been reasonably clean though. That’s because although they did not understand all the linkages they knew that so many men in such tight confines were kept healthier if they kept the ships and people clean.
Jack tars 2 Jack tars 2 backThere more duplication of poses in for these figures than the pirate sets, and I think most figure poses are repeated but that’s not that bad really for figs of this scale. There are more guys with muskets and such in the navy sets which is interesting as well.jack tars 3 jack tars 3 backSome of these photo’s did not come out too well but I hope they show you the different figs and the painting I did. I admit I’m not that impressed with how these came out, compared to the pirates. The lack of colours does not help that, but they are not that bad. They are good enough to play a game with anyway.
jack tar 4jack tars 4 backSo there we are, that’s the navy crew to fight the pirates and bring order to the sea’s.


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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