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SAGA Welsh are on the way

Well the title says it all. My next project is to get to use those Welsh dice I bought for SAGA and have been sitting there without any good use for a year or two. The Welsh are an interesting … Continue reading

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Buccaneer and merchant pirate ships

Well what would all those Pirate figs I have painted be without some ships to sail them on! So here is a post with a couple of 15mm ships. The first is a ‘buccaneer’, which is more of a fighting … Continue reading

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Four player Sword and Spear game

This week some of us in our local gaming group decided we’d try out a 4 player Sword and Spear game. Rather than try to use our various 15mm forces which don’t match up well I volunteered the use my … Continue reading

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Supporting Pirate background figures

So this a collection of figures that are more generic than the specific crews – but from the Blue Moon pirate range. This includes some generic cannon crew figs which will be used to add to any specific pirate gang … Continue reading

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