Supporting Pirate background figures

So this a collection of figures that are more generic than the specific crews – but from the Blue Moon pirate range. This includes some generic cannon crew figs which will be used to add to any specific pirate gang if needed. They’ll also work as defending sailors of merchant ships etc. Rather than a group shot I’ll just show the separate figures.Gun crew 1 Gun crew 1 backThese crew figures are all from the Blue moon cannon crew pack. This is made up of approx 6 poses which are repeated a couple of times. Still not bad really for 15mm figs.gun crew 2 gun crew 2 backThis is the only pack of figures which had a miscast from all those I have bought from Blue Moon. One of the figures was headless! Rather than do anything special with that figure. it’s now in the bit box as it may be of use for something – a dead fig or something. I have to decide what to so with it at this point. I likely could have gone back to Blue Moon and get a replacement but there was no need as I have enough figs already.Gun crew 3 Gun crew 3 - backThe figures below are from the Blue Moon civilians pack in the pirate range. Lets be honest pirates need people to rob as well as trade with when they get ill gotten goods. So these can work as both. First are some ‘upper class’ gentlemen and a child. I tried to do the guy in pink in real ‘Lord Flash-heart’ style, as the pose really reminded me of that character.upper class Upper class backNext we have the laborers and general working men figures. Many interesting uses and poses for these guys in various games – as allies or opponents of the pirates.Middle class Middle class backThese are general figures again. In slightly plainer in style but still nice figures. My aim was to make some generally useful figs for gaming, which I think I have managed. The figure with the light is an interesting pose as well – a perfect night watchmen for games.Brown gents Brown gents - backLast but not lease we have some ladies in fine clothing to finish up the civilians. Some are obviously upper class, such as the ladies on either end of this group, but all could be used as a ladies of less repute as well. The figure in green seems to fit that view quite well.  ladies ladies - backJust to finish up this post are a few figures from the pirate set. Here we have the pirates carrying treasure – as I used 2 pirate crew bags I have 2 of them. These won’t count  as part of those crews in most games but they will be more useful as targets or I guess as replacements once the treasure if found.treasure carriersSo there we are that’s all the figures in the Blue Moon pirate range painted. Next some ships…


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  1. More great figures. I’d like to see a picture of them all in action

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