SAGA Welsh are on the way

Well the title says it all. My next project is to get to use those Welsh dice I bought for SAGA and have been sitting there without any good use for a year or two. The Welsh are an interesting force in SAGA with loads of javelins and different battle board controls. They are very much a hit and run force, so I thought I’d get these done. Most of the figures for the force are from Old Glory. Many of them are actually from the Pict range, but for the time period and theme of the force these seemed to work perfectly for what I wanted. I just did not use square shields but just round and even more traditional oval ones.

I also wanted these to be very different than the Anglo-Saxon’s/Anglo-Danish and Vikings figures that I already have. One of the things for that is to ensure they are all unarmored and poor looking. From the history and background the Welsh would likely not really be that much different than the other forces in the time period, but modeling a poorer raiding force from the Welsh kingdoms gives these some character.

One of the key differences for the Welsh is the fact that they can have a significant options for mounted troops and in this post are the first set of those. I actually have finished all the models for the force now but will post the pictures of them over my next few blog updates.Welsh cav 1 shields Welsh cav 1 back Welsh cav 1 frontThe advantage of these is these figures can be mounted hearthguard or warriors. So as the figs really don’t have much differentiation it gives me some real options when using these.  I’ll just need to be clear which they are in a game. So below are the next 4 figures.Welsh cav 2 front Welsh cav 2 shields Welsh cav 2 backWell that’s it for now. I’ll post a few more soon with the rest of the mounted force for my Welsh raiders.

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