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Wednesday before US Thanksgiving CY6! game

Well it’s become a bit of a tradition over the last four of five years for me to host a game of CY6! on the Wednesday before US Thanksgiving. This year was no exception and 5 of us got together … Continue reading

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Welsh Foot Warriors – 1st set

So back to the Welsh after a few none painting posts. My Welsh force have a lot of warriors besides the mounted guys. These are basic guys with shields and javelins. This follows my theme of a raiding force, rather … Continue reading

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Lion Rampant review and sample game

One of the new rules sets which has come out recently and is getting good press is Lion Rampant by Daniel Mersey. The rules are for a medium scale skirmish game, with 30 to 60 or so figures on the … Continue reading

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Fall-in 2014 a last minute trip

Well it was somewhat unexpected trip but I managed to get to Fall-In, the East coast HMGS convention held in Lancaster, PA this weekend. This was a last minute extension to a business trip but the opportunity came up and … Continue reading

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Rest of the Welsh Cavalry

Well I started showing my new Welsh forces in the last post, with a focused on the mounted figures. So now here is full set of Welsh Cavalry that I have painted. You can see all 20 of the force … Continue reading

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