Rest of the Welsh Cavalry

Well I started showing my new Welsh forces in the last post, with a focused on the mounted figures. So now here is full set of Welsh Cavalry that I have painted. You can see all 20 of the force below.Welsh CavalryThe mounted cavalry figures allow for some interesting options with the Welsh. Wifh the figures shown in this post I add 12 to the existing 8 I showed last time. You can also see that I tried to go with a general green/brown colour theme for the figures, with a few blues thrown in for a little variety. I’m not sure the blues really work as they distract a little too much from the theme, but they are done now so will not be repainted. Overall they look a decent force for running rings around the slogging foot men of the Vikings or Anglo-Danish/Saxons.

Their lack of armour means and my purposeful lack of decoration on their jerkins means they should be good for warriors as well as Hearthguard. To be honest I think I’m going to do 1 unit of Hearthguard and two of warriors at least for the first games. At 3 points that going provide a very strong mobile force in my welsh SAGA army.

So here are the detailed shots of the miniatures. I did not go into that much detail for socks and stuff on the horses as I’m not that great at doing that and it often looks worse for doing it than not I find. You can see what I mean later when I tried one horse that way. Welsh cav 3 Welsh cav 3 front Welsh cav 3 backThese are the next set. As you can see each shield is painted differently, like all my dark age 28th figures. The javelins are made from dress making pins. They look the part, are much cheaper as sturdy at the ones you can buy from the mini manufactures and work well for the figures. The only down side is they are sharp even with some sanding on the point. So it’s something to be aware of when I use them on the table. Welsh cav 3 front Welsh cav 3 Welsh cav 4 backNow the last of the mounted Welsh troops. You can see I tried painting socks on one of the horses but I need to do more work on that as it’s just not a realistic result. Sometimes these Old Glory figs just need a good simple finish as it works better than trying to push the limits of my skills. Welsh cav 5 back Welsh cav 5 side Welsh cav 5 front Welsh cav 5 side backAlthough these have been shown in just 2 posts I have to point out that these were a lot of work. I really don’t envy thoss going mass battle games in 28mm. They always look really nice with great painted figures but this scale is a lot of work to get the toys on the table.


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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