Fall-in 2014 a last minute trip

Well it was somewhat unexpected trip but I managed to get to Fall-In, the East coast HMGS convention held in Lancaster, PA this weekend. This was a last minute extension to a business trip but the opportunity came up and so I took it. I fully admit I had blast on the two days I was there. I saw and chatted with a group of people I rarely get to meet and had some fun games as well. So I thought I’d write up a little report and put some pictures up here.

Now theses conventions draw a good number of vendors and yes I likely spent a little too much cash there but what the heck…

You can see from the pictures below there was a nice showing of different vendors in the vendor hall. I’m not going to go through my purchases so I don’t expose my guilt of increasing the lead pile too much. But lets say I have at least refreshed my collection to the point that I will be posting more updates on this blog for quite a while to come.The ‘sell your own stuff’ tables did not help either as I picked up more figures there cheap, as some people wanted to rid of their lead piles. So a few new projects to go in this regard.

I will say from my perspective this show was as much about vendors and buying as it was the demonstration games. That’s maybe because that’s what I was focused on but the number of vendors present helps in that regard as well. Some of the smaller shows (such as Hot Lead here in Canada) seem to be more about the games for me. But that’s likely because the higher number and diverse nature of historical vendors and manufactures which are present at Fall-in. Still it helps if you have a balance in a great show to hit and Fall-in had loads of games, tournaments and vendors.

While at the event I managed to participate in the DBA v2.2+ campaign game which was great fun. It had 18 players in the session where 13th century powers/nations as diverse as France, Poland, through to the Ghent and the Papal states fought for power and prestige. I played as the Prince of Bavaria. Although I won 3 games out of the 5 played over the 6 hours of the campaign, I came decidedly in the middle of the pack. That was because of not that great campaign play. The campaign had much more than just winning games, and although I had another player as a vassal state for a little while, I spent most of my time fighting off opponents to stay independent, not growing Bavaria.  I lost the final match though so did not even manage that goal of remaining independent! Still it was great fun and I’d recommend anyone to do the East Coast con trying the DBA campaign game if possible.

Even if DBA is not your normal game the ability to have 5 relaxed games in 6 hours in a friendly, relaxed but competitive environment is tough to beat. It also included a pizza, ice cream and beer drinking during that time. It does not get much better than that!  Considering I have not played DBA in a few years I soon got back into the grove and the group was great at helping with rules etc.  Here are a few shots from the various DBA games in the campaign. Click on them to see the full picture.

Lastly I include a collection of shots from different games over the Friday/Saturday that I spent at the event. These are so you can get a view of the diversity and impressive nature of many of the games at the event. You again can click on them to see bigger versions. Some of them are from the tournaments and others are from demo games I spent some time around or participated in. I did not visit all the games or see all the games but thought I’d include these. Note, I have to say the gangster 1930’s table was super impressive though and gets my most visual impressive game award – if I had one to give. It must have been 20′ long by 8′ wide in a C shape so it could all be reached. A very impressive participation game and table.

So if you get a chance to go to an event such as this then I’d recommend going – but just make sure you know the budget you have, as it’s easy to spend money with all the great vendors and deals present. Fall-in for me was great and definitely a fun event…



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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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One Response to Fall-in 2014 a last minute trip

  1. jhovey11 says:

    Thanks for taking pictures and posting your visit. I love Cold Wars 2014 and was sadly unable to make this one.

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