Welsh Foot Warriors – 1st set

So back to the Welsh after a few none painting posts. My Welsh force have a lot of warriors besides the mounted guys. These are basic guys with shields and javelins. This follows my theme of a raiding force, rather than a local leader’s force with loads of well armoured troops. This also fits with the SAGA welsh who don’t have much protection but get the throw javelins instead.

Due to the number of figures I’m going to spread the warriors over two posts, but below you can see a shot of all of them. These are all Old Glory Pict models. I have grouped them into 3 units of 8 and then I have another 4 spare figures. So yes, 28 figures in total. As I mentioned I have no issue using a some of these as Harthguard but we’ll have to see how they go on the table before I decide that. Welsh foot
The theme colours have come though on all the models, making for a combined look to the group. Added to that I did the basing all at the same time  and style  – a technique which I have used in the past successfully to give a single force that ‘group look’ on the table. This time I have used mostly bright green grass – both long and short versions over a dry brushed textured base. I wanted to give the impression of lots of greenery, as Wales does get a lot of rain! I have kept some clumps of stone/bare base visible though to give more interest to some of the bases.

Below, I have 3 shots of each set of four figures. This allows me to show the painting from all sides. These are not going to win prizes, but at the same time I tried to give them a consistent and reasonable paint result which I can be happy with. I even tried to do some basic ‘body painting’ on most of the guys with just loincloths. I’m not sure if the welsh at this time would really have gone in for this more traditional look but heck I had the figures. The figures are Old Glory Picts and the theme of raiders means that this is not impossible. This does follows many movie and other references for such in popular culture.
warriors 1 back warriors 1 front warriors 1 sideThe body paintings as well as even some of the shields have dragons on them. I did not want to go too overboard on that, but it seemed appropriate to have a few on the Welsh forces. As with all my SAGA models I tried hard to make each shield unique. I know some of the troops would not have anything else really to make them stand out so it was worth spending a little more time on this.

The colours for their clothing are mostly browns and greens and I tried to stay mostly with those on the shields. However, it was easy and I think useful to stray off into other colours as well on them. The clothing and skin was aimed to not be ‘clean and neat’ as that would not to my mind be at all realistic. However, I tried not to over do the grime factor as well. warriors 2 front warriors 2 side warriors 2 backThis group shows some of the ‘command/special’ figures in the set. The guys with a birds on their staff are interesting. I can see using them for Hartguard if I want too. I was actually quite happy how the birds came out. They are not perfect but they do give a different and more primitive ‘back to nature’ feel to the force. By the time of SAGA Wales would have definitely been a Christian area. Still body painting and being much more in tune with nature than the classic Anglo-Saxon is not unreasonable. So they got added to the force. They were also something of a slight oddity which helps when I was painting all these figures.warriors 3 front warriors 3 back warriors 3 side
I’ll have another post soon with the close up’s of the other 16 warrior figures, as otherwise this would be too long a post.


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  1. I quite like the swirlies.

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