Welsh foot warriors – 2nd post

So this is the continuation of the close up shots of the Welsh Warriors from my last post on them. Again the photo’s are in set’s of 3 showing the different angles to the models. It’s hard to really show them fully without doing something like this. This post contains pictures of the last 16 warrior models.warriors 4 front warriors 4 back warriors 4 side
A models face is always something which our attention is drawn to when looking at a model. So I try to get those right. That’s not always as easy as it sounds though, especially around the eye’s. That’s where my skills or lack of it are tested. I have tried (and continue to try) different techniques for doing faces but it’s still challenging to get them consistently right. I hate the ‘wide eyed stare’ which comes about when there is too much white in the eye’s and painting the eye’s too big gives an odd look as well. I refuse to not paint the eye’s in this scale though, as they are a focus point.

Some figures and models are much easier to paint than others and you can see the mixed results I had with these figures. Overall, they are not too bad and I still like the heavy/over emphasized sculpting of Old Glory figures as it makes my job as the painter much easier. This is over the plastic kits which are nice but have finer detail and often more realistic and thus less visually appealing proportions for models.warriors 5 front warriors 5 back warriors 5 side
What is nice on these models is although there is a limited number of poses the heads are all swapped around so that there are not too many direct repeats of the exact model. This is typical of the Old Glory line and something I really like about them. The models are also ‘chunky enough’ to allow the arms to be bent into slightly different positions so that the spears are not all uniform in their pose as well.warriors 6 front warriors 6 back warriors 6 side
As with the mounted troops all the spears/javelins are made out of dress makers pins. Although a great look and giving a nice pointed end the the javelins it does mean I still have to be careful not to get stuck by them! The rough raiding warband theme continues with only one of the models having a helmet and none have armour. So they work very well for the Welsh foot in my opinion even though officially Pict’s.warriors 7 front warriors 7 side warriors 3 backThe basic plain colours seems to add to that as well.

Well there we are, that’s my Welsh warriors for SAGA. I still have some more troops for this project, so you’ll see those in another post, but this is the main body of the troops.

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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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  1. I like the shields, marke, nice work!

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