D&D miniatures touch up trial

A long time ago now, I bought quite a few of the D&D miniatures thinking I’d get into that game (the miniature version not the rpg). Well of course time moves on and that never happened, but I have kept the figs in storage…

So rather than try to sell them etc. I thought I’d have a go at repainting/touching up a few of them to see how that works. I’d like to use these with rules such as Pulp Alley/Savage Worlds/Goal System/Song of Blade and Hero’s etc. for a pulpy fantasy type miniature games. I have a lot of generic fantasy figs in my collection. They may even get some use for Osprey’s fantasy rules Frostgrave which are due in the summer of next year – if those rules are any good. So below are the finished test models.dand group

Was going to do before after shots but I did not take any before ones.  So I have included a few of the official photo’s (which as we all know are always the best they can do) with the individual pictures below.

The figures seemed to take acrylic paint well and I have used my standard paint on varnish (W&N matte varnish) on them. I used a combination of GW paints and washes as well as standard craft acrylic paints.I  really did not have an issue with any of the normal paints going on and they have not rubbed off etc.

I decided not to try to strip these as looking on the web it seems that stripping these models is much harder than say the HeroClix ones. Many comment that it’s nearly impossible to do. It also seems to be a lot more work for something which is designed to give me a quick collection of  decent (but not definitely not wonderful) painted mini’s. I don’t really want to spend huge amounts of time on these figs but want them to look ok.

Below you can see the Sage figure. I disliked the brown colours on the original so did a major repaint on this one. He is now a real wizard.DandD sage

Next, we have an apprentice figure. Very ‘steam punk’ looking but with a staff. An odd one really, but I added more detail to the figure and trim on the robes etc.DandD apprentice

For the last before/after it’s a D&D Orc – so no green on this guy. In this one just had some shading and adding extra colours for the leather etc was done.DandD Orc

Lastly now some shots of the others. Again these mostly just had touch ups etc and details pulled out.DandD hyena DandD warrior

They do seem to be resilient models as they are plastic and are pretty safe to do whatever too. That means the sword above though is likely always bent. The sculpting is ok at best – but as these are I guess 8 to 10 years old now and not in lead it’s tough to expect too much from them. This does mean they are resilient to bad handing though! DandD halfling

As I was doing this fast I went for a very simple basing style. I may try for an inside a dungeon next time. Nothing that advanced as these are not to take much time but just for getting on the table really. DandD solider
Although definitely not any better than ‘good’ as models I think my touch up painting results in the final ones being acceptable for a table top skirmish games vs. the before which are pretty crap. These should provide me a generic pool of a varied set of mini’s for games. As they are plastic I also don’t have too many worries about cost (I have them) or storage/transport so that’s a real bonus – they will just get thrown into a plastic container.

I could sell what I have but I have to ask would I get a lot of cash for them, I doubt it. I’ll never get all the figures painted I want too and this touch up style will give a larger pool of figs to use for simple games. Well any thoughts on the results?


About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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3 Responses to D&D miniatures touch up trial

  1. Keep ’em for Songs of Blades and Nostagia.

  2. I have also some of these and repainted so far a couple Duergar. The sculpts are in some cases not too bad and a good paintjob brings them to an acceptable standard. I think you improved each and every of them, especially taking into account what goes as pre-painted these days.

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