Rest of the Welsh

This is the last post showing the Welsh SAGA force I have painted – a get it done project of 2014 for me. In here you can see the hearthguard, bowmen and the leader figures. These all have the same basic colour scheme/basing as the warriors and mounted troops shown previously. The hearthguard are the only ones with armour in the force but even most of these figures have javelins. These are plastic models (from Wargames Factory) and ok but not that greatest to my mind.Welsh hearthgurad front Welsh hearthgurad back
The next set are the archers. These are the levie level troop for the welsh and so come in groups of 12. I decided to try to do something different with the bows…welsh bow 1 front welsh bow 1 back

The different colour tops and bottoms of the bows is ok but not great in the end. I’m still not good at blending really different colours that well on things like this and so this came out as a little too harsh a transition on some of them. It actually looks better on the table than in these shots. This is something I need to do more of as I can blend similar shades but this is more advanced.welsh bow 2 back welsh bow 2 front

I also went for an especially dirty look to these figures, along with dull clothing – other than a couple of yellows at add something to the mix. All these figures are again Old Glory.welsh bow 3 front welsh bow 3 back

I’m not sure how often these will actually ‘hit the table’ but if the Welsh get any Norman opposition then they will come into their own, as the bows will be very useful then. I had the figures so thought I might as well paint them up just in case.welsh bow 4 front welsh bow 4 back
So lastly the Welsh leaders/warlords. First the warlord on foot – as a leader I don’t think I’ll be using this model much, but what the heck. He has a larger base and an interesting shield, but still no armour other than a helmet. For some reason I had real problems taking pictures of this model but there we are…Welsh foot warlord welsh warlood on footFinally the mounted warlord. The figure is actually a mounted viking raider model which seemed very appropriate. Again no armour or fancy equipment for this figure but it does fit well with the theme of some raiding Welsh troops. I was tempted to paint a dragon on the shield and may go back and do that, but have not done it yet. After all this figure is wearing pants vs. the rest of the mounted which are not – decadence of the leader showing through. Welsh mounted leader Welsh mounted leaderSo there we have the rest of the Welsh forces. All ready for the table to take on all the other forces out there.

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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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  1. But are they dozy?


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