Compagnies Franches de la Marine

Here is the start of a new ‘project’ or more correctly, really the continuation of one which I had left for a little bit. Back to my 15mm French Indian Wars work!Compagnies Franches de la MarineAbove you can see a collection of my Compagnies Franches de la Marine figures for my Musket and Tomahawks games. I need a decent French force to face the Brits I have previously done and so these guys were really needed. The French are needed so I have someone to fight all those Brits which I already have done. It also seems we have more British than French players locally now so that’s an added reason for doing these. Bellow are the closer pictures of the figures.IMG_2702 (640x160) IMG_2700 (640x164)The Compagnies Franches de la Marine were a mainstay of the French forces in the French Indian wars. They were very good at field craft and working ‘la petite guerre’ – i.e. small scale war which is perfect for Muskets and Tomahawks. They were in theory the main regular forces under the French colonial control and in practice became some of the best units the French had – he equivalent of the British rangers and they often worked very closely with the local tribes. Some forces were more regular in style but I’ll use different models to show those.IMG_2698 (640x142) IMG_2696 (640x175)These guys are all in greys and dark blues. These colours will actually work really well in the Canadian forests and heavy bush area’s, which would be their prime combat area. This gives them great camouflage at a time when that really was not thought of that much.
IMG_2694 (640x173) IMG_2692 (640x169)As with most of the miniatures for this period that I’m using, the miniatures are all from Blue Moon. I really like how these have come out. I do need to figure out better lighting for the pictures though, as these have more detail than these pictures show. But anyway these give me enough for a smallish game, and more will be finished soon.IMG_2690 (640x176) IMG_2687 (640x162)As normal, the variety of poses makes painting these a fun project. Their uniformity in style also makes painting these a little easy. Although I wanted to give them a little colour too much would spoil the effect.IMG_2686 (640x164) IMG_2684 (640x164)I have also tried to go for a mix of summer and autumn grasses on the bases to provide a little more realistic basing look for the figures. So there we are – some French ready to take the field against my British which are already done. don’t worry though. These are just the first of a few sets of figures for the new France.IMG_2682 (640x181) IMG_2679 (640x159)


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