Canadian Militia and Officers

So with the work on French forces proceeding, it’s time to show some basic Canadian Militia. These guys are basically poorer versions, in training and experience of the previous French troops. They were recruited from the local French settlers and fought well in their own woodsmen ways, but were poorer in all regards (training, tactics and morale) than the Compagnies Franches de la Marine. IMG_2706 (640x335)They were not good at formed engagements and just like the militia in most wars. They were much more motivated to fight when their homes were threatened than to participate in the larger fights, or long engagements away from their homesteads. IMG_2677 (640x189) IMG_2674 (640x194)To highlight their French support, the main colour is again blue but some of them have blue jackets while others have a dark cream, nearly grey. The blue cap was far from exclusive but common for many French troops. I may well do some in red caps at some point as well, but the blue does make it easy to highlight sides.  IMG_2673 (640x231) IMG_2670 (640x226) Because of their more informal set up I also varied the blanket and leggings colours on the figures – although it’s a little hard to see with the lighting on some of these pictures. I have tried to avoid bright shades as they just would not have been available or lasted that long in the wilderness anyway to my knowledge.IMG_2668 (640x235) IMG_2666 (640x233) These guys were reasonable marksman as many of the people surviving in the wilderness were in the 18th Cent in North America. They really fought in small units and worked with the local Indian’s thus participating in the many of the small scale skirmishes of the period. Again great for M&T.IMG_2664 (640x223) IMG_2662 (640x231) Here you can hopefully see some of the detail in the figures. My hope is that these figures can also be used for the Canadian militia in the war of Independence as well as the French India wars. That time they’ll be fighting for the British Crown of course!IMG_2659 (640x257) IMG_2657 (640x241)As a last picture the officers of the group. These guys would likely not be formal French Officers but more likely Militia ones. So I painted them up in various blue coats. Only the mounted figure has a real french uniform on, and that’s the uniform of a senior ranking officer – well he has a horse after all.   IMG_2654 (640x227)Sorry the pictures are all that great for these but my camera skills are limited.


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