Mechanithralls of Cryx

Lets fist srart by wishing everyone a happy New Years. I plan on continuing my painting and gaming as well as blogging. The holidays allowed me to get ahead in painting but I did not manage to get any gaming done. Well as mentioned I have a large collection of unpainted Cryx gained on the second hand trade level. I’m now starting to paint them up. So the first set of the figures in this are the Mechanithralls. I have 15 of these models although some are really scrap thralls I believe. Now I’m not sure how good these are in the game but they are basically enhanced zombies with mechanical bits. Mechanithralls group (640x388) What can go wrong with troops such as these in my force! These are also great figures for fantasy, pulp and superhero games. As I plan to do those type of games more this coming year they will work for those as well as Warmachine. That’s a bonus really. I just need to find a good mad scientist and/or tech necromancer boss figure for such games.Mechanithralls Above without flashThe figures came out a little ‘samey’ in the colours, and did not photograph well without use of the flash so, the above picture is the only one here with natural light. I wanted to include one shot like this so you can see the real colours. I tried to go for the standard theme of rotting zombies and metal. Overall I’m still quite happy with the end results.thrals1 (640x350)The bases match the rest of the force and the fact there there many of these mean that I can use these as either a single group of 10, 2 units of 6 and even as scrap thrall’s – as I believe that some of them (the ones above and below) are those models. I’m not going to get worried about the exact models for the different units though.thrals2 (640x239)The issue with these figs I have is the lack of variety in figures and poses. It’s weird but painting blue moon 15mm figs I get a lot more variety and difference in poses than this larger scale. I know this is a factor of costs with some manufactures but it definitely is a turn off for me. These are nice models but at 28mm scale I want good models and variety not the same model 3 or 4 times. thrals3 (640x302)Still what can you do, and these were cheap second hand gains so work out well. I should have been a little annoyed/disapointed with the lack of variety if I’d paid the full price these are now in the stores.thrals4 (640x183) So that’s a good collection of unit option for my Cryx forces and the first post of the year.


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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One Response to Mechanithralls of Cryx

  1. OMG, I leave town, and you start Warmachine? Rotter!!?! 😉

    The best thing about McThralls is they’re crazy cheap, but still hit like a tone of bricks. Cryx has access to loads of buff / debuff abilities, which turns these cheap beaters into absolute monsters.


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