Rest of the blue gladiators

Continuing the gladiators here are the next set for my blue Ludus aka gladiator school. This provides another 4 unique gladiators. I’ll be dong a set of ‘green’ gladiators to fight the blue fraction, again guys with one gladiator of each type – as much as I can. The colours should help identify the gladiators for each player in the game. The colours are not be chnace (blue and green) were the main chariot racing factions in Roman games and I suspect that any decent games ‘event manager’ would have tied some gladiators to these colours to help promote their games. So below are the second set of 4 blue gladiators.IMG_2939 (800x400)I have purposely left the bases very plane – just some sand coloured undulation (but not too much). I did not want just the painted sand/gravel look, but wanted a little texture to the bases. Well I think it’s reasonable anyway. This means I have 8 different ‘blue themed’ gladiators from the Crusader figure range.Second blue gladiators - front viewI’ll also do some white and/or red (the two original chariot racing factions which fell out of favor in the end) as I’ll have spare/multiple of a few types. This is as Jugula only allows a player one gladiator of each type. I likely will use Purple & Gold which are the 2 other chariot racing factions created by Caesar Domitianus Augustus for some female gladiators I got. But those will be later in the year as I want to get some figures done first and play a game or two. Second blue gladiators - back viewSo that’s the blue group for now. Next it’s onto the green faction of gladiators, which are on the painting table now. They should give some reasonable options for playing the game.


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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