Civilians for 18th Century North America

So back to one of my on running projects – small scale 15mm FIW/AWI stuff. Well whats the point in fighting a guerrilla war, which is what these were to a large extent, if your not affecting the local population! So for the games sent in the 18th Century in North America you need some civilian figures. Luckily, well not by chance really, Blue Moon have a set of such figures as well. So below are some of the civilians that I have painted up for the period.North Americian ladiesSo you can see first are some ladies – most working the fields or other domestic tasks which would be common in a homestead.North Americian GentsNext some gents who match up well to the ladies. The central figure is bit more of a gentleman farmer, and one even has his fowling piece – good for defending the homestead as well as scaring/killing crows and foxes or even wolves!more farm workers Again this is another collection of farm workers. I like the central model which I actually painted up to be a lady with babe in her arms.More farmersHere you can see that this pack same some duplicate figures, so a few of the poses occur twice. That’s really not that bad still with 15mm figs and I tried to paint them up differently when this hands frontFarmer handsI have not included front and back of most of the figures but thought I would with these as you can see the sacks on the backs of the laborers. Lastly, here is a nice picture of a set of figures which can be of great use in a rad scenario. A simple family and a farmer with an ox and plow.A family and their ploughSo there we go a simple set of figures but I really enjoyed painting them and they will find a use on the table top I’m sure. These photo’s were taken just after Xmas and again really needed a little more light… I have come up with a better camera position for the gladiators so you should see better lighting on future posts (I hope). We’ll see. For now though these are what the are.

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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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2 Responses to Civilians for 18th Century North America

  1. cptshandy says:

    Very nice! I love civilians, they add color & atmosphere to the tabletop… I have to check out Blue Moon’s range, I especially like the ploughing guy.

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