First Green Gladiators

So to oppose the Blue gladiator school we next have the greens. Again, I am going for the general focus of the colour range vs. trying to have the figures in any specific uniform. This is to try to make it easier for players to spot their own figures on the table. I tried various shading/highlighting on the loin cloths on these ones – all of these 4 figures started with the same base green colour.

I’ll also have 8 of the different types of gladiator in the green like the blues before them. The guys in this group all are heavy gladiators as classes by Jugula – a Murmillo, Provocator, Hoplomachus and a Secutor. Although to be honest I’m not going to be too specific for the figures to gladiator type as long as everyone knows which type it is.Green Gladiators frontThe figures are again Crusader miniatures and I keep trying to do different effects on the skin tones. I also did a little research and found that often the gladiatorial equipment would likely be well looked after and likely would be polished etc. So on these they have that. Although not super flashy I did hand paint the shields with some interesting designs. hat pushing my level of paint-brush skills though as you can likely tell. Hey these guys are out there to provide a show and so some ‘bling’ and shiny equipment was likely especially for the bigger events.

The one on the end with a garter is a little odd but heck it’s on the figure. It would be very hard to keep that in the location it’s sculpted on the leg before elastic was invented I would have thought, especially when actually moving and fighting…Green Gladiators backSo there we are, the first of the green gladiators. Although far from the wonderful job done by some painters out there on figures, these are to my mind very acceptable quality. They are a good game table level of figures which will make playing the game easier and much more enjoyable. To that point I do find any game is better with painted mini’s.

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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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  1. Very nice work and again excellent colour combinations and contrast.

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