Movement trays for penny bases

OK a quick set of pictures of the sabot bases I got and finished for my FIW and other projects which use 18mm figures. I use penny for bases which are cheap and a nice size for the figs. I put a little magnet under each base to help with for storage as well as to lift the base from the table to make them easy to handle. I have used Canadian Penny’s and US cents which are basically the same size, 19 mm in diameter. A while back I ordered some specific ‘sabot’ bases from warbases in the UK. They do a range of these types of Sabots and are a reasonable price, even with shipping. They are designed for UK pennies which are the same size (or maybe a tiny bit bigger) than the coins I use.Showing figs You can see how they look- which I think look quite good. I did some with sand to add extra texture and some without as I decided they really did not need it. The various types of flock break up the bases nicely without the sand to add the extra texture.Three showing figsSo these are now painted up and are ready for use. Simply painting and flocking them in a similar style as the figure bases seems to do the trick. You can see the three, four and larger bases below. Three Penny SabotThey should make it easier to move groups of figures around the table. I’m not sure how much use I’ll really get from these but they are done now for some trial games. I like the fact that they come in both ordered ranks as well as skirmish style. Four Penny SabotI think these will be quite useful gaming but I’m not likely to order more of these until I see how they really ease play. But there is a temptation to get others for different games, especially for my Bolt Action, CoC and FoF games. As I vary the basing colours for different figs I can’t just re-use these. The Vietnam basing I used has a lighter brown/red to better reflect the clay there, so I’ll need some different coloured ones for those figs. Figures with a lighter base will look odd on these bases, so these are definitely for the the North American conflicts and darker back ground figures.Five Penny Sabot I though about putting a small metal plate at the bottom on each hole as the figures are on magnets, but the holes seem to be deep enough to hold the figures without extra support. I’ll see how that really works out in play though. These last ones should be good for marching and firing lines.Large Penny SabotsWell there we are, another project done for gaming purposes.


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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