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Bile and Bloat Thralls

So here I have another unit and a solo done for my Cryx forces. Again these come from my large collection of second hand stuff I have for this game which I just have to paint. This time the Bile … Continue reading

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Remaining Green Gladiators

So to the second set of the green gladiators.  Here we have some light gladiators for the green faction as well as a single big guy. I’m going to use the masked guy as one of the light gladiator either … Continue reading

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Longstreet field works

Just a quick one today. As the Longstreet campaign I’m doing slowly progresses through the war, field works are going to start to become more of a factor – especially for my Confederates as they are already heavily outnumbered.  I … Continue reading

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A few chariots for my British forces and more

In the Sword and Spear rules as well as DBA ancient British and Picts can have some chariots in their armies. With my 3mm troops these are something that I don’t have at present and it was an issue as … Continue reading

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