A few chariots for my British forces and more

In the Sword and Spear rules as well as DBA ancient British and Picts can have some chariots in their armies. With my 3mm troops these are something that I don’t have at present and it was an issue as in games. The problems in that the chariots tend to be some of the hardest hitting troops in these armies. So that had to be rectified, especially as I had some chariots from Baccus ready to be painted in the lead pile.

So here we are, 3 bases of ‘British chariots’. They were a bit fiddly to put together but at a normal game playing distance on the table I think they look reasonable.3 Pict chariotsThe bases are large, but they are the right size for DBA and this does give the right magnitude of their importance in games such as S&S. It also means that they take up a lot of space which is right really, but will be an issue for Hail Caesar which as chariot as small units but I suspect they’ll mainly be used for S&S and DBA.

The basing style is the same as all my other ‘dark age’ troop and so they fit in well with the other troops I already have. I purposely based one set of chariots  in column vs. in line. That allows this base which is visually different so can act as general in DBA games.3 Pict chariots alt viewOh and I have decided that this year I’ll finally get back to painting my 15mm Napoleonic period troops up. Next up are the French, which will be based for Lasalle & DBN, so 40mm wide bases. Below you can see the status of a large proportion (8 units) of the foot ready for undercoating.French foot - the start


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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