Remaining Green Gladiators

So to the second set of the green gladiators.  Here we have some light gladiators for the green faction as well as a single big guy. I’m going to use the masked guy as one of the light gladiator either a lasso user or other style as needed. It’s a weird sculpt in some ways, with the shoulder armour on the wrong side, but it works for this group for a light gladiator. Green Gladiators second set - frontI also have significantly more African slaves in the green figures. You can see all these are no Caucasian in. As you can see all these four figures I have still tried to go for different skin tones – most work but I’m not really happy about the 2nd from the right (the figure with 2 weapons) – but I’ll live with it. The full face mask figure on the right in this group is a little off as well, but it’s different and so works to some level.I’m not sure such a mask would have been real.Green Gladiators second set - backSo there we are, another ludus done for playing Jugula. Again trying to keep the theme of a specific colour but making them each individual. You can see I really tried to limit the colour selection. This is an age old technique but works to give theme for the figures. These guys should give a great opponent of the blues. They now allow me to now play the game with painted figs and see whether this was worth all the effort…Now just got to schedule the game and get an opponent.



About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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