Bile and Bloat Thralls

So here I have another unit and a solo done for my Cryx forces. Again these come from my large collection of second hand stuff I have for this game which I just have to paint. This time the Bile and Bloat thralls. The previous owner had put these together and undercoated them but that was it. So a collection of 13 figures – 12 bile thralls and 1 bloat thrall.Bile group (640x374)These are some kind of enhanced undead monsters but they shot corrosive liquids produced in their bodies…Sounds nasty and so I painted them up so I can hopefully use them in various guises in other games as well as Warmachine. Bloat ThrallThe bloat thrall above is a big guy on a 40mm base. The model had been put together with some gaps so I had a fairly serious amount of green stuff to use on this model to make it ‘usable’. Looking at it, the casting of the bits were not great, so it was not the previous owners fault who tried to put it together. I am a little more detailed oriented for the painting at least though as I wanted to fill in the gaps. This was not that hard to do but wow the gaps were big – up to 5 mm in places, which is unusual.

I tried to give an effect of veins close to the skin on the large amount of flab. It’s not so great up close but looks ok on the table. This gives the figure something of a different look than the others – the bile thralls.Cryx bile thrallsI did my little rant last time about the lack of variety in warmachine unit poses already but it’s the same in these units as well. Again there are 12 models here with just 4 poses/figures and one unique one which is I guess the leader (I’ll use it for that anyway).  So not a much variety for 28mm figures, but enough of that here. There are enough Bile thralls for 2 small units or one  large one. Here you can see 4 of the same pose – old GW days are back again. bile thrall 2Although it does not come out too well in the photo’s, I am fairly happy with the blending of the green on the models. They are in some weird poses but they so allow for the stomach to be blended with various shades of green. bile thrall 3I went for a more of a skull like head vs. many others people (the I think the official art) versions of these figures which has it the same colour as the skin. This was purposely to make them a little different. I also made use of dull copper metallic, so in a pulp/supers game they can be corrupted bio suites etc. The liquid dripping from their guns is a red/purple mix. Many pictures have the corrosive liquid as green but with the greens on the figure it was too much and so that contrasts nicely. Finally a shot from above just so you can see the last pose a little better.bile thrall 3 So there we are, another couple of units for my Cryx force ready for the table. I  think these will be quite good for specific baddies in a pulp/superhero game. The models certainly look bad enough for that genre.


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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3 Responses to Bile and Bloat Thralls

  1. Argentbadger says:

    Nice painting. I like the vein-y effect you have on the big one, it’s come out really well.

  2. I think you’ll enjoy them on the table 😉

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