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Hotlead 2015

So this weekend was the Hotlead convention at Stratford, Ontario see here for info: I always try to go for the full day on Saturday and this year was not exception. This year that meant a long day with … Continue reading

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Red Gladiators plus initial opinion on Jugula

So these are the rest of the red gladiators, and a simple review of the game after that. This was pour first true game with the models as well. These are the the ‘spares’ from my remaining models and this … Continue reading

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Pistol Wraiths

Hmm… for some reason the post I added this weekend has been dated by wordpress as being in January. Not sure why that happened but it gives me a chance of putting up another post of a different item. So, … Continue reading

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FIW French line infantry

Ok back to a long running and slowly progressing project. This is for my French Indian Wars forces. I keep getting distracted from these for other things.  Here we have the first set of French regular infantry. These can work … Continue reading

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Longstreet campaign game 6: Woody ridge-line fighting

Yippee, I can report that we have completed another campaign game of Longstreet. It’s been a long time since the last game and we had a couple of aborted attempts due to my work and other things but it’s finally … Continue reading

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