FIW French line infantry

Ok back to a long running and slowly progressing project. This is for my French Indian Wars forces. I keep getting distracted from these for other things.  Here we have the first set of French regular infantry. These can work with my existing French figures or they can and likely will be a separate force. That will allow multiple people to play in the game. 15mm French Line 1As you can see I again tried the technique of putting a backdrop behind them. A forest look seemed appropriate for the Canadian wilderness. I must highlight that each of these pictures is a separate figure – no repeats so yes this is 30 figures complete!15mm French Line 2These are all Old Glory Blue moon figures. I really like how they come out and I’d like to use these with other games but the M&T basing really means that they are good for large scale skirmishing only. They are not too bad in price though and paint up well so it’s not that much of a pain to do some on formed bases for say Black powder or Ospreys ‘Land of the free’ rules – if they are good. But I have enough games to play so we’ll see on that. 15mm French Line 3These are not based on a specific regiment uniform but are close to that worn by the Le Regiment de Bearn from what I can find on the web about the French uniforms of the period. That was a regiment active in most of the war and participated in various campaigns so was a good choice. Although the did not participate in the AWI the French uniforms are not that different that these figures would not work for that conflict either.15mm French Line 4The basing is typical of what I’m doing for my French Indian wars figures. Nothing that inspiring, but on pennies it woks and just enough grass to break up the base. I put a small magnet (a cut up business card magnet really) under them to lift the base off the ground to make the bases easier to pick up, as well as easier transport in metal containers.15mm French Line 5So there we are. Another set of these and a few more officers I should have enough for a full M&T French regular regimental force.

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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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  1. Looks good. Makes me want to get back on the wagon too!

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