Pistol Wraiths

Hmm… for some reason the post I added this weekend has been dated by wordpress as being in January. Not sure why that happened but it gives me a chance of putting up another post of a different item.

So, here are a pair of Cryx figures for Warmahordes. Although, when painting them I keep thinking more about what they could be in comic inspired games (either superhero or fantastical pulp games). Both of these are Pistol Wraiths in the game and I did read these are undead duelists, so decided that each one would look quite different.green pistol wraith 2I kept the same theme colours throughout – trying to keep green as a key part of both figures but ensuring that each is also very unique. The first one is mainly green. This is a fairly simple model so tried to go for some interesting and overt colour transitions on the frock-coat it is wearing.green pistol wraith 1Overall, the blending seems to work quite well on the table. It’s not as neat as the expert painters can do but it works. I was not really happy with the figures hair but tried a few things and this as the best I result I got. I did not want it to be ‘on fire’ so it’s just blonde now.green pistol wraith 3The second Pistol Wraith is mainly grey. This one just has some green (on the belt and a collar motif which is a little hard to see in these photo’s) to keep it in the theme of the Cryx force. I did them different colours so they could be used in games and it be readily apparent which is which. The thing is those that these really are not painted in a ‘supers’ style but I’m not sure I’ll even do real super hero’s that way. grey pistol wraith 1I tried to go for the purples for the ‘spirit fumes’ which are showing rather than legs of the model. I think it came off quite well and gives the figure a little more spookiness than it may have had otherwise.grey pistol wraith 2So there we are, another couple of figs for the Cryx  force or really any horror type baddies.




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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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  1. These are some of my favourite solos for Cryx.

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