Hotlead 2015

So this weekend was the Hotlead convention at Stratford, Ontario see here for info: I always try to go for the full day on Saturday and this year was not exception. This year that meant a long day with the approx 2 hour drive there and back, with an approx 15 hours of gaming where there! That’s not bad at all really and I had great fun this year (as always). I know this is more time than most can do but heck it’s only once a year.Also, its easy to not spend that amount of time in the event, or stay over night but that’s my choice. I heard from friends who were there on Friday and did stay the weekend that the those evening sessions were great and I’m sure Sunday would continue the fun.

There seemed to be slightly more attendees than previous year and the bring and buy was as popular and full as ever. There may have actually been more stuff this year. I did managed to dispose of some items on that, but as normal I found some more interesting items in return as well. The vendor area is small for UK conventions but there was a good showing from 5 local gaming stores. They provided lots of variety of stuff for the attending gamers to buy. From my conversations with with a couple of vendors they seemed to have done ok trade wise.

The games this year covered a wide range of topics. Included in those were such things as large Napoleonic battles, various space games, large renaissance/ancients games through to pulp skirmish games set in Africa and fantasy dungeon crawls. That’s just the tip of the iceberg as there seemed to be something for everyone really. All of these were participation games. There was also a well attended 40k and DBA tournament throughout the weekend.

I helped run an large Renaissance DBR game, flew for the Luftwaffe at the end of the war in CY6! (getting a spitfire in the process) and participated in the DBA vassal campaign tournament on the evening. All were fun, and I did not hear bad comments from anyone. The only issue was that some games filled up fast, but that’s not a bad thing really.

All I can say is that if your into miniatures or gaming in Ontario (or elsewhere) then the Hotlead convention is a great one to put on your attendance list. Although small, especially compared to shows in the UK, it is a great event to attend and support. It’s a credit to the organizers and all their hard work, as well as the gamers who run the games. So thanks to all.

I thought I’d include a selection of pictures I took from the Saturday games below to show just a sample of the games and tables. Many apologizes for all those all those tables/games I failed to get a sot of, or the quality of all the pics. You should be able to click on the pictures to see a bigger version.


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