More French FIW with officers and flags

I think the French troops I have for Muskets and Tomahawks  need some command and re-enforcements. So here I’m adding to the painted forces that I have. Below are a couple of officers with carbines, one NCO/junior officer with a halberd and a couple of drummers. The photo’s for this lot came out ok but not great. In person they look better than these photo’s show.French officers FIWI did one drummer with a standard colour jacket but much more trim. The second has an all blue jacket with red trim. Drummers of this time did stand out from the normal troops. Any officer worth his salt is going to want some troops to command. So here are another 12 figures – basically another unit of regulars for the French troops.More FIW FrenchAgain these troops are based on the Regiment de Bearn. The officers have the same uniforms but some of them have brighter version of blue than the trim of the line guys. As I understand it the junior officers would be in better quality clothing than the troops but they generally would look quite similar to the men in the field. The more senior guys would wear all blue jackets – and I have some of them from the previous batch of officers.More FIW French 2Also in this set of figures I did the flag bearers. Although M&T does not use flags Blue Moon has the figures and I like having flags for troops in this period. I can use these as center points for a game as needed as well.FIW Fenchc flags frontAs you can see a British flag holder has sneaked into this lot as well. I found I had missed this one figure from my British and so though I would just finish it off while doing the other flag bearers.   FIW French flags backThe French regimental flags of the period are not really that impressive – there is a lot of white on them. The far left flag is a typical regimental flag, while the last French flag on the right is the ordinance flag of the period. The Colonel’s colour is the white cross on a white background.

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