Battle Cry Union forces

I bought the 150th Anniversary Edition of the Battle Cry game (a command an colours game for the ACW) a while back and wanted to play this. However, as it comes with mini’s my self imposed rules about playing games with unpainted figures meant that there was only one option… Get the figs painted. This became a ‘cottage project’ for me – i.e. one that I only really made progress for at the cottage on a weekend. It’s now complete (perfect for the coming of spring) and below you can see the union forces all done.Battle Cry Union miniaturesThe figures are not great, but they have painted up to a reasonable level. They are not going to win any awards, either from sculpting or painting but it’s better than unpainted stuff by 1000%.Battle Cry union infantry forcesI used the flags which came with the game for the command units. These needed some glue even though they were self adhesive. I’ll be honest and say that I really was more interested in getting these done than trying to do the ultimate paint job, or being absolutely historically accuracy on them. Battle Cry union cavalry force 2 Battle Cry union cavalry forcesThe cavalry and mounted generals are above. I thought about flocking the bases but as the figs are not that great and this is just as a board game that would make more mess in the long term and add very little. It would improve the individual fig look a little but I kind of like the ‘old school’ look these have now – as traditional toy soldiers.Battle Cry union art forcesThe artillery for the Union forces have the barrels a gun metal vs. a bronze colour. You can also see a little of he varnish on the above and I did 2 think coast on these as they are playing pieces so will get handled – likely somewhat roughly.Battle Cry union  generalsLastly the Union foot generals. Again definitely not the greatest models but ok for the game. I do plan on using my 10mm ACW figs for a big true table table based version of this game, but these will work for the board game.

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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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