Battle Cry Rebel forces

Continuing the last post here are the Rebel forces for the Battle Cry game. Battle Cry is one of the ‘command and colours’ games, this one set in the American Civil War. I must admit I do like these games. The are  sort of half way between a board game and the true tabletop wargame. The various versions give a fun games in different periods without too much effort or time, but still provides an interesting and challenging game for both parties. The way the scenario’s work they also allow for unbalanced games to be played and both sides still have the potential for winning.Battle Cry rebel forcesThe rebel infantry are very much inline with the union forces. I did them all grey to contrast them with the union forces. I doubt there will be much chance of confusion them on the table though. They were a little easier to do in this way which was an added bonus. Battle Cry rebel infantry forcesThe cavalry and mounted generals are shown below. Again, I used the flags which came with the game for the rebel force. For both sides the cavalry flags really were not those in the game but for game purposes I think it was better to just keep with these. It also follows the ‘old school’ toy solider look to the figures.Battle Cry rebel cavalry forcesBattle Cry rebel cavalry forcesThe confederate artillery have brass barrels to be different than the union ones. This is even though their uniforms will tell them apart anyway. The flags again are not perfect for these units but heck it’s part of the game (killing a unit gets a flag) so I kept the ones provided in the game.IMG_3281 (640x480)So below we have the Battle Cry box with all the figs and pieces in it. All ready for some games. This will likely live at my cottage and be a good ‘rainy day game’. That said, I do plan on using the Battle Cry rules in the city to play some on a hex mat with my 10mm ACW forces. That will look like a bigger game and use terrain not the board.Battle Cry box

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