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Mexicans for the wild west

Ok so a close up on my 18mm Mexicans. I played these in our first Wild West game and they won so hey not too bad! I’m writing a post about that – hopefully next week I’ll have it done. … Continue reading

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Longstreet campaign game 7 – battle for the farm house

So after another gap playing other games, including Sam’s new game Blucher, Ernie and I continued our campaign and had the first game in 1864. Note, some of the photo’s in this are a little off on colour – my … Continue reading

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Black Hat cowboys

Well after the white hat cowboys of the last post I had to have the black hats – the baddies of the classic wild west movies next. Whether they are really worse than any other gang in games, well that … Continue reading

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More Cowboys – white hats

OK so it looks like we’ll be trying these figs out in a game this month, so better post some more of them to my blog. So here is another gang and some more buildings. These are, I guess the … Continue reading

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Cowboy games in 18mm – a new project

I have always wanted to do cowboys games but these can be a pain as you need lots of terrain to do them well. Whats a cowboy game without a wild west town after all! In fact a wild west … Continue reading

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Rest of the FIW French Regulars

Time to post another installment of my French Indian Wars troops. This is one of those slowly progressing projects – I seem to have a few of them these days. This is the rest of the regular French army troops … Continue reading

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