Rest of the FIW French Regulars

Time to post another installment of my French Indian Wars troops. This is one of those slowly progressing projects – I seem to have a few of them these days. This is the rest of the regular French army troops for my current gaming purposes. These add more flexibility to the potential forces I can field by providing me another 25 figs. That should give me more than enough French regulars for most gaming needs, for now at least.IMG_3157 (800x254)I have just taken a single picture of each figure, and used the forest background for them so it’s not just against the white backdrop. All the figures are Blue Moon’s 18mm range and these are all marching, so they were more of a mass production painting project.IMG_3154 (800x262) I’m not super impressed with the faces as they have come out here in the pictures (or the figs) but as they are just 18mm after all. They look reasonable on the table, which is the main thing. You likely can see the one thing I did do though was to mix up the gaiter colours a little. I did some with white gaiters and the others with black. I’m not sure which I prefer. The black is more striking but that’s not always a good thing. I know traditionally the French wore white gaiters for dress uniforms but I can’t see that as very practical in the Canadian wilderness so did a lot of black ones for the troops. But I thought I should add a few white ones as well. IMG_3152 (800x273)The line marching pose works well for the regulars and depending on the mission will also allow me to easily differentiate/separate the different units on the table, as I already have done the skirmishing figures. All have the same look and equipment so they should mix and match ok. IMG_3149 (800x226)So there we are. All I need to do it get them on the table now… IMG_3145 (800x233)

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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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