More Cowboys – white hats

OK so it looks like we’ll be trying these figs out in a game this month, so better post some more of them to my blog. So here is another gang and some more buildings. These are, I guess the good guys- they are at least wearing white(ish) hat’s and have a green colour base. That’s their main focus and highlight when on the table. Those old Wild West TV shows always had the hero’s in white hats so it’s only fitting they have the bank to stand in front of and defend!
18mm White hat Cowboys Here you can see the backs of the models. With 8 figures it should be more than enough for the types of games that I think we’ll play with these but it gives players a choice – six guns or rifles an there is even a shotgun as an option.18mm White hat Cowboys - back Below is a more standard view when playing games and allows you to see the full frontage of the buildings. The raised viewpoint shows the impact of the hat colour on the figs as well. You can see the cigar label which I got from old glory along with all the figs. It’s a transfer and in the end I did not like the way it came out. The edges of the transfer were really hard to hide. I prefer the paper labels I found online and just printed out and stuck on the buildings. White hat Cowboys and buildings The backs of the buildings are below. The roof’s don’t come off from the buildings but I’ll likely just use markers for when figs are in them. After all cowboy games are about running around the outside vs. fighting in buildings. But I have to think of this as I know some players will have figures duck indoors at some point.
back of buildingsSo there we are, and there is more to come on this project.


About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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  1. This is looking really good, nice job!

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