Black Hat cowboys

Well after the white hat cowboys of the last post I had to have the black hats – the baddies of the classic wild west movies next. Whether they are really worse than any other gang in games, well that remains to be seen. Again, I wanted to do these guys in a specific style so they would be easy to identify on the table. So the theme colours were black and red, an easy combination to do. 18mm black hat cowboys There are a other colours mixed in on the figures but you get the idea. The black hats and some red on them is a good theme of this crew. I remember one of the movies I watched said cowboys often liked red and it does show up well on the figures.  18mm black hat cowboys - back Below you can see three extra buildings completed as well. Yes that’s 9 so far and more to come! That’s the advantage of 18mm – in 28mm for the price of all these I might have 1 building. The saloon seemed to be an appropriate one for these guys to stand in front of as well. I also had to have a barbers/hot bath shop after the famous Clint Eastwood cowboy movie scenes based in those. I’m sure there are others as well but those are what I remember. I believe those shops were popular in the old west as well, which is a bonus.  18mm black hat cowboys - top Rather than just show the back of the buildings this time I thought I’d show a side view. Again you can see the dry goods is a transfer and it’s just not as nice of the other signs. I may replace them over time or may not. We’ll see on that one. The simple printed off ones from the net are really nice though. builds No. 3 sideSo there we are some more for this project. I’m still undecided whether to put a faction identifying mark on the bases of the different figures or not. That may help players as the figures are smaller than 28mm cowboys. I’ll see how the first game goes for that.


About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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