Mexicans for the wild west

Ok so a close up on my 18mm Mexicans. I played these in our first Wild West game and they won so hey not too bad! I’m writing a post about that – hopefully next week I’ll have it done. Lots of bad accents and bad Spanish phrases were used in play but heck why not. It’s all fun. All the Mexicans figures are done in whites and yellows with sombreros so they stand out on the table well. 18mm mexicans front Below is the back shot of the same miniatures. These bad boys all fit into the store-typical Mexicans from the movies. In reality the Mexicans did not had a great time in the old west, lots of racism and stereotypical behavior. In many cases Americans did not even think that crimes against Mexicans were really crimes – a lot of time officials turned a blind eye on such things. However,  this is a game and so these figs works for simple games which we will be playing at this scale.18mm mexicans backBelow is different angle shot of the figures. You can also see a little more of the barn and fencing as well. This is more terrain for games and the building is kind of cool for gun fights. After all the OK coral was really just a fenced in field to hold horses, and you really need barns and fences in the wild west to hold the horses and cattle. 18mm mexicans top The barn is from the same manufacturer as all my other building (game craft) and it works really nicely. The painting of it was a little tougher than other buildings as I just wanted the washed out look vs. anything too bright. The roof was the hard bit as I tried to give it some style of paint job without going over the top, or spending huge amount of time on it.18mm barn backBelow you can see the barn back and some fencing put out to make a field. After all the back of the barn is likely to have quite a bit of this type of fencing.18mm barn The fences are from 4ground and below are two packs of them. I painted the fence bases to match the figure bases but other than that have done nothing with them. They look perfect for the Arizona/south western towns to me. There can be quite a lot of fences around a typical western town if it deals with the cattle trade so I wanted to be able to put some down and make a reasonable setting if possible. 18mm fences

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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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