More cowboys

So here we go, back to some more 18mm Blue Moon cowboys. These again come with three more buildings that I have done- and shown in the post about our first game. These are just straight cowboys, good for any wild west game really.
18mm brown hats front The defining characteristic for these guys are the brown hats. Again something which is easy to see on the gaming table. The rest of their clothing is likely a little more realistic set of tones than some of the other figs I have done.18mm brown hats back The shot below is a more typical one which players will see as the hats colour is more obvious. You can see them nicely posed in front of the new buildings as well. 18mm brown hats top So here are the next three buildings. The ‘guns’ shop sign was painted by hand to be different -although I don’t really like the end result, I’ll keep it. The jail is a common building in wild west games and one often needed for scenario’s so I had to have one for the town. The colours of the buildings are also one which is more realistic than some of the other ones I have done as a faded pale, sun bleached/unpainted wood is IMO quite likely to be seen a lot in the real west. more buildings The gallows are really nice though and make for a cool addition to the buildings/town. One of the observers in our first game made the comment that they look custom made – it’s not and is from the same game craft location as all the other buildings. I did put it on a base as the other buildings and this time added some scatter grass around to break up the base. buildings backSo there we are, another group of cowboys ready for a gunfight.

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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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