Cryx Reaper

Another Cryx warmachine is ready for the table. This one is a biggy and I have to admit that I have used this one on the table already before putting it on this blog. I even used this model unpainted once which I really dislike dojng. It’s a cool model but one of the spread out poses in the warmachine range, so takes up a lot of space.Reaper1The colour scheme is the same as the other cryx warmachine but I have found a green metal paint in a craft paint range so decided that I’d add that to this to the painting scheme. I do like the models in the Cryx range though and this has a harpoon and a large piercing claw type device in the other arm.reaper2This model is typical of the Cryx lot and the harpoon can bring enemies close for a repeat attack with the pointy arm! It’s an interesting model and one which was slightly different than the ones I have already.reaper4I’m still not sure the best use of this but it seems the above is the obvious tactic. But i seem to be very vhallenged when it comes to warmachine tactical play.reaper5 Still another toy ready for the table. I guess I should look for different casters or some more units for my next Cryx painting project.


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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One Response to Cryx Reaper

  1. Anything that raises it’s chance to hit with the harpoon (in Cryx, mostly DEF debuffs) is gold here. The ability to move stuff lets you set up (or interfere with) charge lanes, and can be super-useful in scenario play.

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