Deadzone – Plague gang troops

It’s now a good year – maybe even a couple of years since I got on the Deadzone kickstarter from Mantic. When this delivered I was quite excited to actually put together the Plague figures – which the the ones that really tempted me into getting the game, along with all the cool Sci-fi terrain which it came with, which was the other driver. So here you can see the first results of my painting of these figures.

First though I will say that these figs have made me decide not to back any more Mantic kickstarters – I have loads of figs from them already from KS projects but I’m not buying more. Putting them together was HORRIBLE. The figs are not that bad flash wise but gluing little fiddly parts on some of the models was just awful. I tried using super glue and/or plastic glue and neither was great. The lack of instructions on how to put the figs together as well did not help. The material is hard to work with and just a pain with the sculpts. These have had to have a decent amount of green stuff used on the figs to cover joint holes etc as well. I recommend them only for the experts out there or if you really like the figs. I sill have a couple of figs I can’t get to stay together even with pinning etc.

When done the figs are nice though, as you can see below with the 11 muscle bound freaks which I have finished here. The KS has given me enough for small scale Sci-fi skirmish games etc for various forces. I include a front and back shot of each fig. So the front of the first set of 4 are below.4 Plague guys, set 2  - frontYou can see the back of the same figures below. I tried to keep to the mutated flesh look that the Mantic figs have in their studio paint jobs – although I did my own take on them. These are good ‘drugged up’ figures for not just Deadzone (which I doubt I’ll play) but various superhero or pulp games.4 Plague guys, set 2  - back I tried to do the bases in a very simple yet urban manner and I think they have come out ok for that. Looking at the models from the Kickstarter, a couple are repeated twice an a I think one three times, but overall for 11 figs they do have a some variety with a several single sculpt. So the variety is not to bad considering – much better than the Privateer press unit packs. 4 Plague guys - front Below are the backs for the second set of 4 figures. I have done most of them in a similar type of clothing colours, but there is some variety. I did not try to go to dark on dirt of stuff on the figures. Their skin and basing really provides the theme for all the figs to be in a single force.4 Plague guys - backBelow are the last 3 of the ‘basic guys’. These are the grunts of the force and will be used more as foot solider in Pulp and super games style games. Note, I have not read the rules for Deadzone and so that may never get played, we’ll have to see, but have looked through them to see pictures of the models.3 Plague guys - frontThe figs are armed with a variety of weapons, so I do have some options for using them in scale  skirmish games. They will provide a good collection of ‘baddies’ for various games as well. 3 Plague guys - backNext post I’ll show the leaders and big figures that are part of this set as well. Those are a little more imposing figures.


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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2 Responses to Deadzone – Plague gang troops

  1. Tristan says:

    Looks good Mark – let me know if you are actually interested in playing deadzone. I really like the game but not found many players in toronto.

    • mellis1644 says:

      I have not read the rules at all as I mention in the post, but I’d be interested in trying out the game. I found the same thing with Dreadball – not a bad game but few local players.

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