Deadzone Plague – Big guys and dogs

So this post is for the remainder of the Plague faction from the Deadzone Kickstarter.  You can see the full set of figures below. This include the ‘normal’ human figures shown in my previous post. This provides a decent collection of toys for most games.
Plague gang/forceThe newly finished miniatures are quite varied in size. You can see them below in comparison to one of the normal 28mm gang figures.deadzone size comparisionThe first figs is a big guy and this fig is really one of the reasons that I went into the Deadzone KS in the first place. I really like the model and even though I over exposed the pictures a little I hope you can see the paint job I did on it. This guys will be a ‘monster’ in pretty much any game I want to use these figs with, as it’s at least twice the height of a normal figure.  So in an genre from Superhero’s through Pulp/Sci-fi to actually the Deadzone game this guy is going to be a centerpiece of the force I suspect.Big nastyAfter that guys there are three figs which are smaller than that huge nasty but bigger than normal humans. The poses for these three are again very manic/superhero, but the figs are nice in the end. I had to pin all these and use a decent amount of green stuff to finish them off, but as with the previous figs they are nice in the end but did take quite a bit of effort to put together.Medium nasty 1The one below as especially a challenge as it is in a very dynamic. Luckily, the same material which made it a challenge to put them together is solid enough to take the pins so that was a bonus. I did not want to put much graffiti on the barrier but thought it needed something jut to break it up – so Baz was added in red.Medium nasty 2Below is the 3rd of these ‘medium’ sized guys. Again, this is another interesting pose. This one is different than the previous two action poses, with this one looking more ‘ape like’ than human really.
Medium nasty 3Last, in the set were a couple of infected dogs. These are large dogs I’m not really that happy how these came out in the end. They are alright in my opinion, but not great. They are painted in the same style as the other figures in the group/fraction. I’m not as happy with how they came out though – but I’ll keep them. They do look a little better than the pic’s show though.
Plague dogsSo there we are, one of the 4 factions done for Deadzone. I’m sure I’ll get some use out of these, with various games/settings as well as with Deadzone.


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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