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Myth bugs

What seems to be a long time ago and likely is, I bought into the Myth Kickstarter by megacon games. I’ve not actually played the game due to my own personal gaming conscious forcing me to paint up the figures … Continue reading

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Wild West Indians in 15mm

What would a wild west game or setting be without some native people of the Americans  i.e. Indian tribesman. So I had to really do some of those for my growing collection of 15mm wild west stuff. These are again … Continue reading

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Judge Dredd – Second set of judges

So to continue with the painting from my last post here are the remainder of the Judges that I have repainted/touched up.  I did enjoy painting these as they are very characterful models – even though they do hark back … Continue reading

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Judge Dredd – Judges

One of my few regrets around kickstarter projects (either joining or missing them)  is that I missed out on the Judge Dredd kickstarter by Mongoose. I was not an avid reader of comic as a kid but read a few … Continue reading

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