Judge Dredd – Judges

One of my few regrets around kickstarter projects (either joining or missing them)  is that I missed out on the Judge Dredd kickstarter by Mongoose. I was not an avid reader of comic as a kid but read a few and actually played quite a bit of the Judge Dredd the RPG while at University. That’s where I really encountered  the world of 2000 AD. Recently, I have been slowly reading more more of the old JD comics as the collections are easily available via reprinted and they are still good! I was tempted by the kick starter but in the end did not buy into it which was a shame as you got a lot of stuff…

So, when in one of the local con’s (Hotlead) this year on the bring and buy I saw a set of Judge Dredd miniatures I had to pick them up. I got these for a decent price and had to start to painting these so I could get them on the table. This of course means you can see the results below. The figures were painted in a basic way and so rather than strip them I have reworked them where necessary. This involved changing colour as required, adding shading and washes, varnishing and doing the bases.

JDMy first and biggest decision was whether to go with the blue uniforms which many of the modern colour comic’s use or black informs which the last movie and some of the original black and white comics indicate. In the end I decided to go for a dark blue with some light blue highlights. Sort of based on the picture opposite as much as anything else.

In many ways that because it’s a little easier to do and is more visually appealing than the basic black. I guess that’s why many of the colour comics have gone with this style of images vs. the straight black uniform. The rest of the colour scheme for the figures are pretty much set from the background and iconic images, so it would not make sense to modify those. Thus I did not.
JD - three judges frontFirst we have a set of 3 judges. The rookie with the white helmet is an obvious figure in the background. Trainee judges wear that white helmet unit they have enough street time to get their full accreditation and move to the normal helmet. Then we have a male and female street judge. The first judge is a Judge Dredd figure I believe – you can see that he very much resembles the picture shown above.
JD - three judges backThe next three Judges are more specialist poses (with a repeat of the female judge). This group has a heavy weapons judge – with a foam/flame thrower and a riot control Judge.JD - riot judges back I must admit to not really knowing if these are Warlord or Wargames Foundry miniatures – I believe they are from what is now the Warlord range but I don’t really care. They look cool and painted up nicely.JD - riot judges frontLastly for this setwe have a perp who has been arrested, sentenced and is ready for pickup. JD - arrest post back JD - arrest post front

He is awaiting transport to the cubes  or for further questioning. The arrest poles are something I remember from the background and this is a nice figure.

It’s also a great model to use in games as either an objective or an obstacle. Either way this guy is not moving and it’s nice and characterful as a figure. Again with figures, I’m not sure what game system I’ll use them with – Pulp Alley is definitely one option but we’ll see – I just enjoyed painting these more than anything.


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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  1. Nice work. What rules?

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