Judge Dredd – Second set of judges

So to continue with the painting from my last post here are the remainder of the Judges that I have repainted/touched up.  I did enjoy painting these as they are very characterful models – even though they do hark back to the late 90’s in figure/sculpting style. The first set are three street Judges. All have the larger than normal shoulder pads and I’m not that up on the background to know exactly what they mean. They may be more than street Judges in reality!JD - three judges frontHowever, these three will likely be basic characters and street Judges I have in any game I use them for. I do like how they came out in the end and the distinct comic book colours are nice and work well. I did not want them to look too clean though and the shading and overall effect I think works well for Judges dealing with the common crimes in Mega-city One. JD - three judges Below are the last 2 Judges that I have. This makes 11 in total which I believe will be more than enough for the typical games that can be played. In fact, I believe this will provide more than enough figs for 2 players if I need to do that. JD- two judges front The Judge on the right here again looks very Judge Dredd to me – he may not be. Actually, either of these in theory could be Dredd from his early/mid career from what I have seen from the comics. Lets be honest Judge Dredd is a tough lawman and so poses for that are common in the figs and easy to use.JD - two judgesFor the basing of all these, as you can see I went for something fairly plane. The colour of that gravel allows the figures to stand out and did not overpower the effect. In fact the gravel was glued on, varnished and then ink washed vs. painted. I was trying something different and was quite happy with the result for these figs. A few touches of burnt grass on some of the bases just helps break them up as well. My idea was this basing should work for terrain of games set inside or outside buildings and does give a some what urban look – while being easy to do.

Lastly, what would a group of Judges be without someone driving a lawgiver bike! Luckily the figs I got included one of these and so that had to be done up as well.JD - lawgiver left The bike is another icon of the comic strip and although not used as much as horses in wild west movies, the bike riding Judge is a common item in the comics. So I was delighted to get one in the figs I picked up on the bring and buy so I could paint it up. Again the colours match the judges and follow from the comics, so that’s easy to do. So now reinforcements can come fast on a bike if needed in games.JD - lawgiver rightWell there we are. My Judges of Mega-city one all ready for games. Just need to get more table time now…


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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