Myth bugs

What seems to be a long time ago and likely is, I bought into the Myth Kickstarter by megacon games. I’ve not actually played the game due to my own personal gaming conscious forcing me to paint up the figures before I do play it. Yes, I know that may seem odd to some but for me part of gaming is definitely the visual appeal of games. So playing with unpainted toys just does not give me the same buzz as a nice set of painted figs. Even when they are far from ‘professional’ painted they are one thousand times better than unpainted stuff. That’s one reason I continue this blog as I firmly believe that.

So with that concept in mind, my summer/fall painting project (it will likely take me at least till Christmas to complete) is to get the original Myth kickstarter game done enough so we can try it out. Of course the myth V2 rules are out already (with modification/updates etc.) so at least most of the rough edges of the game should have been sorted out with those I hope. There is also a second kickstarter already being produced so I’m behind as well.

Anyway, included here are the first set of miniatures that I have done for Myth. Note, there are no repeats of shots of the models here, there is just one photo of each model. So yes there were a lot of models in the original Myth kickstarter. In the end I bought it more for the miniatures than the game as that was a great deal but here I am painting the mini’s up for the game. But I may use them for other games as well.  myth bug bossSo we start with the big guy above. this is a big nasty boss of the insect models. All the insects really had to be colorful in my mind so as to make them stand out and this guy stands a good 10cm’s plus (3 to 4 inches) high as well. So I chose yellow, red, green and a coral colour as the theme of these figures.

Next we have the ‘Sub-bosses’ which are scorpions. These again follow the flesh/yellow theme with red and green highlights. Oh and yes I did have a damaged model with only 1 pincer. I can cope with that though as this was is not a big issue and makes one of the models unique.  myth bug sub-bossesNext we have 12 of the ‘large limb’ crawlies. Carrying on the same theme as the others these ended up nice and bright. I did like how the bodies and flesh came out on these figs and how that contrasts with the yellow legs. As these are board gaming pieces I have not tried to ‘go to town’ on them but have just tried to keep the painting clean and crisp. myth bug type 2 third set I decided that I would do all the bases of the different figures in the game the same style/colour. This should give them all a level of consistency for the game. I did not want to use flock or anything like that as it will create bits which is a paint with board games. I’ll be honest and say I’m not sure if that will match the game board. I have not opened that yet – yes really…myth bug type 2 second setThe third set of bugs of the green headed type. If nothing else I have a lot of these for the game. If it does not need this many then I have quite a few spare, or ready for other games.myth bug type 2The smaller armed nasty bugs got more treatment on their faces. I assume that these are different monsters than the previous set – well I painted them different anyway! I did these first and worked out I did not want something quite as complex for the others so they ended up with a slightly more simple colour scheme.myth bug type 1 second setI do like how the yellow legs came out though. That works well with the faces to my mind. If nothing else I can see these being useful in 28mm superhero/pulp games as bugs are a nasty alien style menace which can be used in most settings/periods. myth bug type 1So there we are. I have to admit these all look cool nasty little critters – which was my intention. We’ll see how they play in time.


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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