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Judge Dredd – Mutant gang

I showed the Judge Dredd Judge figures I finished a while back but what’s the point in having all the cops if there are no baddies from them to go against. I have a whole set of Games workshop Necomunda … Continue reading

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X-wing – a quick review

Well from this blog you can tell (I hope) that I have a very eclectic interest in games and gaming. This includes board games and more traditional war games. I like painting figures and likely spend too much time doing … Continue reading

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Completion of the DBA War of the Roses Yorkist army

This is the second post of my Yorkish DBA army – you can see the first part of the army here. Unlike many of the ‘projects’ I do a DBA/Lion Rampant army is quite small –  between 12 and 18 … Continue reading

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Myth Rat models

OK here is another batch of Myth monsters painting to show off here. Again these are all from the first kickstarter which came out I believe a year or so ago. These are a little unusual models in this to … Continue reading

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Start of a DBA War of the Roses Yorkist army

As I have mentioned before on this blog I do enjoy DBA as a game. I find it a fun and challenging miniatures game, with large replay capability. It’s highly stylized and the writing is a challenge at times to … Continue reading

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