Start of a DBA War of the Roses Yorkist army

As I have mentioned before on this blog I do enjoy DBA as a game. I find it a fun and challenging miniatures game, with large replay capability. It’s highly stylized and the writing is a challenge at times to understand, but at the same time great fun and simple to play, with a nice mix of luck but rewarding good tactics. However, one thing which has been lacking in this blog is me showing some painting projects for DBA armies. Really that’s because I have not done any in the period I have been posting entries on this blog!

However, that’s now going to change as I finally got my act together to finish off my Yorkist DBA forces. Being from Yorkshire and growing up very close to one the the battlefields of the conflict (the Battle of Wakefield) I have a desire and personal connection to the period. So I do want to build a pair of matching forces for DBA and Lion Rampant to allow some games to be played in the War of the Roses period.

So below is the mounted generals element and a knight as well. These are options in the lists for either DBA 2.2+ or DBA3. Yes the lists do vary between versions which is a pain a little. The 2 elements also make a nice Lion Rampant unit (conveniently).
15mm DBA Yorkist Knight & general sideI had started these many years ago and then not finished them. So I decided it was time to get them off the ‘to do pile’ and so here is the result. I’ll split the army over 2 posts, so as not to do one huge blog entry.
15mm DBA Yorkist Knight & general front Mounted knights were not that common in the bigger battles of the wars of the roses – other than Bosworth, but they were always an option and thus they are in the list. The knights are nice and colourful as well so that helps. I have tried to keep to the Yorkist colours of blue and red. The commander with the crown is a nice touch as well which I do like and makes the generals element very obvious on the table. It’s a nice king/pretender model really. 15mm DBA Yorkist Knight & general back The most common troop type on the War of the Roses battlefields were bowmen, armed with longbows. The list has 6 of these and so I decided to have 3 in a more formalized retinue style. These would be paid by a lord and would likely be professionals, for the period at least. To highlight this I did the bases in a fairly similar style clothing. Again the clothing colours follow the house of York colours.
15mm DBA Yorkist retinue bowmen 15mm DBA Yorkist retinue bowmen To support these guys in hand to hand combat there would be the billmen. I again have done three bases in a fairly uniform style. These are retinue troops who would be paid and sponsored by a lord. From their min colour scheme a Yorkist Lord as well. This means they should be competent and real soldiers (or at least mercenaries in a fairly long contract) so know what they are doing. In DBA their blades – a tough but slow troop type good in hand to hand.15mm DBA Yorkist retinue billmen front As you can see the colour scheme matches the longbows well so this gives the bases a nice combined force feel to me. An added bonus is that each of the groups shown are a Lion Rampant sized units. Which is a bonus for me as I plan to use these figs for both rule sets! 15mm DBA Yorkist retinue billmen back So there we are. I’ll have a post later in the month (most likely) with the other half of the force, but this is 8 bases so far.

Just to finish this post I thought I’d include a couple of shots I took of some of the DBA games that Ernie and I played this week. These were using my biblical period armies of the New Kingdom Egyptian and Sea Peoples which I finished years ago – before the start of this blog. You can click on the pictures below to get a better view of these.

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