Myth Rat models

OK here is another batch of Myth monsters painting to show off here. Again these are all from the first kickstarter which came out I believe a year or so ago. These are a little unusual models in this to my eye as they are rat based but quite a different take than the ‘traditional’ Games Workshop Skaven. For this group of Myth monsters I wanted to use a brown theme – it would really be a challenge to do rats otherwise.

First we have the big nasty Rat monster. This is a little of a weird model sculpt but it painted up well enough. The mother rat with loads of nasty little ones having a piggyback into the combat.  This is just a single figure but as the boss and an usual figure it seemed sensible to include a few shots from different angles below. The model is big as well, standing 8 or so cm (approx 2.5 inches) in height and width.Rat bossThe rats all are dark brown with pale exposed skin so again the job here was to keep the painting clean so they could be used in the game. I even did the cloth and leather that they have in similar colours, as I just can’t see rats having jaunty colours for their items.2nd missile rats These catapult armed rats did have masks on and although I thought about doing that in a leather or something like black or dark purple, (and tried one out that way) in the end I decided to do something a little different and used a dull metal for their face masks. The 8 models are all the same but taken from different angles so you can see the effect. I was surprised how I liked the final result. Mouse in the iron mask I guess… 1st missile ratsThe 8 spear armed rats also are all the same sculpt and all these normal rats are roughly human size in 28mm. The models in this set were well put together and really there was next to no cleaning or handling of excess trim etc on these figures. The painting of these follow the same pallet but I introduced a dirty light green for the cloth that they have as bandoleers.  2nd spear rats The ‘tubby’ nature of the rats some may find appealing but I’ll be honest and say that it does not really work for me. But heck they do look fairly nasty and so should do the job of small scale baddies in the game.1st spear rats Lastly for this set of figs we have the rat sub-bosses. These figs are big – bigger than the rats which are more traditional human size. These must be 40mm in height – close to 1.75 inches. The colour scheme again matches all the other rats so giving these monsters a theme on the table – like the bugs which I have completed already. rat sub bossesSo there we are. Another set of Myth monsters done. That’s another 21 models on the painted pile but so far I’m not getting the feeling of closing out the monsters for this game quite yet. Also at some point I guess I should crack open the PDF for the new rules and read them…


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