Completion of the DBA War of the Roses Yorkist army

This is the second post of my Yorkish DBA army – you can see the first part of the army here. Unlike many of the ‘projects’ I do a DBA/Lion Rampant army is quite small –  between 12 and 18 base elements in 15mm. As really you only need 12 elements to play the game in DBA that’s the minimum but I always like to create some of the extra options which are available in lists if present to give a little more flexibility. Ensuring that there are enough figs in the right combinations to use them for Lion Rampant has added a few more bases as well.

Below are 2 Auxiliary elements – i.e. light foot but not missile armed skirmishers. In the DBA lists you only need one of these (an Aux unit) but if I’m playing Lion Rampant then I’ll need 2 bases for 6 figures. They are all have the classic York colours for their sheilds.
15mm yorkish Aux - frontAs I’m not doing an artillery piece option for the army I need to have one of these for the DBA list at least. All the models in the army are from Essex but I do like the look of these guys. Very characterful and I’m sure there was quite a collection of such troops in the period armies, doing jobs such as foraging as well as other less glamorous activities.
15mm yorkish Aux - back Below are two bases of DBA blades. These are what the mounted knights can be replaced with if required. In various period battles the ‘betters’ of the nobility fought with the regular troops in the line, on foot. From experience I likely will leave the general mounted but having these provides a nice option. Even though they have swords pole-arms would have been a common weapon. Although in DBA theory just blades because they are dismounted knights I decided to do each figure different showing basic heraldic coats etc. I think the knights in the period may not all have had such coats but these are the figs I had, so they got used, and it does differentiate them from the billmen done previously.

With 4 figs per base these are awkward for Lion Rampant. In the Lion Rampant rules, if dismounted knights they likely would be a unit of 6 figures. My plan is to use use 1 base for a such a unit and just mark casualties on that. It’s not perfect but it will work out ok. It saves trying to do odd numbers of figures and highlights the difference between these guys and the billmen.

As I mentioned in the last post for this force, the core of the armies of the time were longbow armed troops. So here we have another 3 bases of bowmen. These are a collection of locally raised troops vs. the more professional retinue bows. These are just (or nearly) as useful as the retinue troops in most games but significantly less uniform in dress appearance. They would still have been able to at least initially do mass volleys of arrows so the similar drawn bow pose I think still works ok.15mm yorkish longbows - front I likely should mention the basing technique for a moment. I tried to go for a wild English meadow look by the use of different static grasses. After all these armies would not have been fighting over perfect lawns or dusty plains. However, I don’t really like the look in the end. It’s a little too ‘busy’ and so next time I’ll likely use less static grass in a few clumps. Maybe add a small bush or two on the bases. However, the nice thing with DBA/Lion Rampant is this will give all the bases in the army a theme compared to others, so I’ll keep it for now.15mm yorkish longbows - sideLastly, is a single base of cavalry. This is something new in the DBA v3 lists and is not included in the DBA v2.2 ones. I just did a single base of these – mostly as that’s all that I had. An extra base will be required for a Lion Rampant unit. I would do more but I’m not ordering just one packet of them for something I’ll use rarely – which would be the ‘mounted bowmen’ in Lion Rampant. For those rules I’ll likely want to use different models for cavalry of the period anyway.

So there we are. I don’t have a specific camp done for this army. I really need to work on that to create a true medieval camp worthy of these. But for now this is a nicely finished force and the camp likely will get done when I do an opposing force, as of course I’ll need a Lancasterian force to oppose them.

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