Judge Dredd – Mutant gang

I showed the Judge Dredd Judge figures I finished a while back but what’s the point in having all the cops if there are no baddies from them to go against. I have a whole set of Games workshop Necomunda figures which I can use from the past, but at the same bring and buy that I got the Judges from also had a mutant gang set. So I picked those up has well – it would be rude not too! I also have some standard JD gang members to finish as well, but that’s for a future blog.

These look like the Warlord mutants figures – desperadoes who sneak into Mega City One illegally or the typical residents of the wasteland (the cursed earth). It’s pretty clear late 80’s GW (and later version) got some of their mutant inspiration and theme’s from Judge Dredd/2000AD. The mutant idea is not a new one even then really. In fact those comics were actually quite good in showing that although different these were not all evil doers but some were just happened to be born that way and tried to live as best as possible in their environment. Of course there were enough nasty characters and monsters to make interesting stories as well. The cursed earth is/was not a nice place and any mutant inside Mega city one is a criminal so generally many of the mutants are of the unsavory nature.

So, with that background, below you can see my finished efforts on the mutant figures that I have.  There are only 7 figures in this group, which are enough for a mutant gang in most skirmish rules so that’s ok. Again these have had a major repaint and/or touch up as well as the basing done/varnished. JD - 3 gun mutants front These first three contain one maybe normal figure, holding the axe and then a lizard man and a 3 armed dude. The visibly normal model can always be a psychic for giggles in various games. I tried to go with slightly different skin tones on each figure but still keep them fairly simple. I really like how the axe guy came out – a little hillbilly in overall effect, but the whole set of these are most mutant rednecks than anything else.JD - 3 gun mutants The next two mutants consist of a figure with a really nasty skin mutation and a figure with a saucepan on his head! The saucepan guy also has it’s lid as chest armour and red tinted skin. He looks a little on the sneaky side. The skin colour is not that unreasonable for a real person but again I’m just trying the different skin tones. The mutant character just has a single bit of hair on one side of of it’s head and is a ugly thing, which is why I did the skin on that very pale.JD - 2 gun mutants front You may notice see I did a similar type of basing as the Judges but this time I added some patches of static grass. Nothing too special but I wanted to give these guys the concept that they were not in a greatest and cleanest locations. This also gives them a bit of a theme on the table top.JD - 2 gun mutants The last two models in this group are an unchained wolfman and a figure wielding a large cleaver. These are the hand to hand models in the force. In the various systems that I’ll use these for they should have the stats the follow that. I was especially happy with how the eye’s on the wolfman came out.   JD - 2 hand to hand mutants front The cleaver fig is one which I liked the least but does go along with the hillbilly theme. He may also be another good model for a psychotic mutation powers, depending on the rules.  As you can see I tried to limit the colours used on the figures to give them an overall theme of being in the same gang. The chains on the wolf can be weapons or not but again add a nice touch to the model.JD - 2 hand to hand mutants Well there we are a few wasteland mutants. To be honest these can and will be used for various pulp/super/modern/post apocalyptic games. They were a fun set of models to paint.


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