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Rubble terrain from THminiatures

Just a quick post today mid week as it is. One of the things I have been doing over the recent year or so is slowly building a collection of gaming terrain for my use. So when Frostgrave was announced … Continue reading

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Myth undead – the big guys

Ok so a quick post this time to show the rest of the undead from Myth. This is the second part of the undead from the Myth Kickstarter, which I posted the standard sized figs previously. These are the bigger … Continue reading

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DBA Sea Peoples army

So as I have started playing a bit of DBA again I dug out an old half done project from a long time ago an finished it. Many years ago I had some left over figures from various armies and … Continue reading

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Myth undead – line troops

More Myth game figures this time. In this post are the human sized undead skeleton figures from the kickstarter. I guess these work well for the start of the Halloween month – well that’s what it seems to be in … Continue reading

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Longstreet campaign game 8 – a meeting engagement

It’s been a while since the last one, but here is another report of the latest game in the ongoing ACW Longstreet campaign we are playing. Note, this is a long post with a decent amount of photo’s of the … Continue reading

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