Myth undead – line troops

More Myth game figures this time. In this post are the human sized undead skeleton figures from the kickstarter. I guess these work well for the start of the Halloween month – well that’s what it seems to be in Oct here in North America. These are all standard ‘normal’ sized figures but there are enough of them that they get their own post. All of these are individual and there are no repeat shots, so yes this is now 22 more miniatures done for Myth.myth undead sword 2 This first 7 are some kind of lizard or cow headed swordsmen. I tried to focus on the colours red and white for the undead, with just a few touchs of the orange/brown. These are different models than typical skeletons so the game gets some points from me for doing something a little different.myth undead sword 1Next we have skeletal bowmen. Well they have a bow, but I’m not sure how good they would be and whether they even really know how to use the bow. The pose seems more like the figure is using the bow as a hand weapon than a ranged one. myth undead bow 1 All the 7 figures are the same pose and I really did not do anything to make the figures different, just as with any in these groups. There are just too many of these ‘standard grunt figures’ in the same pose, with too little clothing or other items for me to really try to make each of them unique. myth undead bow 2 The last figure set is a bull headed skeleton. These again get the cudos for being a different figure than your typical one. This looks like a real Halloween monster so it’s a fun little figure. myth undead cowhorns 1 You can see I decided not to try to do anything too special with shading and/or blending on these figures. The aim was to get them done and on the table vs. trying to do wonders with them. I also decided that I would use white for the bone vs. more of a cream or bone colour. Yes it’s a little stark but I went with more of a dry brushed look to hopefully give a slightly faded/weathered/dirty look to the figs. myth undead cowhorns 2Well there we are. I’m slowly making progress on the Myth figures. I’ll have to read the rules soon I think…Oh and of course this weekend is Thanksgiving here, so happy Thanksgiving from Canada to you all!


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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