DBA Sea Peoples army

So as I have started playing a bit of DBA again I dug out an old half done project from a long time ago an finished it. Many years ago I had some left over figures from various armies and had cobbled together enough figs for a Sea Peoples army. This was based and undercoated but I did nothing else with it. So now it’s finished and ready for the table. Sea people armyNow Sea Peoples armies are nothing new to me and I have a large collection already. You can see the picture of the existing army in their storage box below – a blue and white horde… Yes this is a full FOG/DBM army so multiple times the size of a DBA force. So it only seemed fair that this new force had to have different theme and I selected red.My existing Sea Peopes army The sea Peoples invaded the Hittite and Egyptian Empires approx 3000 years ago. Scholars still don’t know the exact reason for this mass migration/invasion. They also are not 100% sure where they came from – Greece and/or the Greek islands are likely contenders I believe from my reading. However, we do know it was a large and important change for the places they invaded and they used sea as their transport. So they are an interesting force to field.

The DBA force is the same in 2.2+ and v3 which helps. A general chariot/blade element and then 6 raiders/fast blades supported by 3 Aux or PS. It’s a little one dimensional but a fun army to play with. It’s not the easiest to win with against armies with strong mounted or heavy infantry forces. So to start with we have the General Chariot. This is the last of the Sea Peoples chariots from the above big Army with a replacement rider/commander figure.Sea Peoples Chariott general The solid Blades are the real solid base of the army and although slow they are heavy foot and good general troops. Two bases are mandatory and the 3rd is only used if you replace the general with a foot unit – which won’t happen often for me. I prefer the power and movement of the chariot even with it’s large base. Still I had just enough figs to do three bases so did them. These guys all have red shields and I did their tunic trim all in blue. Such uniformity is unlikely to be realistic but gives the force a nice consistent look on the table. Especially with their consistent metallic looking helmets, which are again unlikely even if this is a solid iron age force.  Sea Peoples Blades (back) Sea Peoples Blades Raiders are a new classification of troops in DBA 2.2+. In DBA v3 these become blades fast. Both versions are slightly less powerful blades but faster in movement. The army list has 6 bases of these as the backbone of the force. I again did these with red shields and varied tunics, this time with a darker blue trim on most of them. The shields and the spears give these a unifying look and although easy to spot as different than the blade they do look part of the same force.  Sea Peoples raiders (fast blades)Sea Peoples Raiders 2Below you can see a reverse shot of one of the above raider sets to see their tunics better. Sea people raiders backNext we have the skirmishers/Psilio. These are very useful as the give a +1 to the blades and raiders in combat with mounted – an extra boost the Raiders especially need. They are also quick moving and so can get on the flank of troops to provide overlaps and thus quick kills. A simple tunic and red trim provided these guys a very specific look.  Sea Peoples Psiloi optional troops Lastly, we have the Aux elements. There are a few times I’d take these vs. the Psiloi. An opponent having no or very little mounted means that they may come out as the Ps would be less needed. But it’s worth having them as I had the figures and that was part of this army in the first place – to use up extra figures. Oh and yes these are more ‘bow like’ figures than typical Aux but these are the figs I h. The bows enable me to easily identify them on the table top as they don’t have any shields compared to the raiders.  Sea Peoples Aux optional troopsFor the record I have not done a new camp for these but will likely just use my existing Sea Peoples camp – shown below.Sea Peoples campSo there we are, another DBA army but it really does not add any more variety to the armies I can field. That requires more painting but at least it’s another DBA army ready.


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  1. Really a nice army. I like the camp element. It has a nice clean layout and conveys a story in an effective way.

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